Leaking Pipe Repairs in Auckland

A leaking pipe can cause damage to your property, so you should find a professional that is able to solve the problem as soon as possible

Whether you have a burst pipe or waste pipe leak, simply turn off your water supply, give us a call and our master plumbers will visit you at home to fix the problem – fast!

Our licensed and insured Master Plumbers will diagnose your water damage problem, determine the best course of action to fix it and ensure a long-lasting solution to prevent future problems.

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If you have a leak or suspect a problem, book now or call Valet Plumbing now on 0800 80 60 20 for expert plumbing advice and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We firstly confirm that the leak is between your water metre and your house. We then recommend to supply a new Blue water main which we ‘Thrust Bore’ 1m below the service from your water metre to your house entry. This is installed with no disruption or cutting of your concrete driveway. From 2 to 82 metres long, this is done seamlessly for you.

Valet Plumbing specialises in this ‘onsite service’.

Leaky Pipes?

Some of the most common causes of leaking pipes include…

Fluctuating Temperatures.

When temperatures fluctuate in the winter months, pipes can contract and expand in length and then burst when water runs through them.

Bad Water Pressure.

If you notice your water pressure is shifting, this is a sign or precursor to drips and leaks. You should call us to investigate and save you more trouble at a later date.

Damaged Joints.

Damage or corrosion to your pipes and joints is the leading cause of leaks, particularly in older properties with an irregular maintenance schedule.

Broken Seals.

During installation, seals are placed around all water connection points, but if your pipework was installed a while back, these seals might have succumbed to wear and tear.

Quest Pipe?

Have you got an old Quest pipe in your house? Please call us today and we will be able to come up with a retrofit solution for you.

Whatever the cause, plumbing emergencies need professional attention and that’s what Valet Plumbing can provide you. We’re an honest, trustworthy plumbing business in Auckland that always gives fair prices and uses only the best materials.

With over 40 years of experience, if you need a leak repaired, we can help you get the job done with professionalism and efficiency today.

Leaking pipe is an emergency! You need to fix it right away.

Get in touch with us today and we will fix the issue as soon as possible.
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